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7 Revenge Ideas For Broken Hearts!

Published: September,2012

7 Revenge Ideas For Broken Hearts!

Broken hearts have a common thought of teaching a lesson to their ex partners. Revenge ideas pop up in the mind of the broken hearts. Revenge ideas are many. It depends on the creativity and the level of hatred of the hurt person. Revenge should be healthy and should not be harsh as it may lead to unexpected outcomes. Excessive humiliation can lead to depression and conclude brutally. If you are hurt and want to take revenge then here are revenge ideas which will make you feel light on heart and make him/her suffer.

1.If your partner has cheated ion you then take out a clear picture and get a poster with funny names and content. Stick the posters near his/her house or vehicle. Do it personally as the revenge can be heavy and lead to destructive results.

2.Revenge your ex by exposing the true colors of him/her in front of his new mate. Let him/her stay alone and cry as you faced.

3.If your ex cheated on you, then try to get out the contact of the 3rd person and build contact. Tell about your relationship and see how you get to see the real side of the ex! If the 3rd person doesn't believe you, show whatever proof you have to prove yourself right.

4.Most common revenge idea is selling his/her precious item like mobile or car. If you can't sell, try to spoil it and see the sad face after taking revenge with your ex. The sad and helpless face will be peaceful to you.

5.If you know the fears and hate list of your ex then use it. Think of revenge ideas by exploiting the benefit of knowing your ex's negative points.

6.If you are still into talking terms with your ex then make a plan to meet him/her as friends. Make the ex pay more than expected and see the reaction. This revenge idea is very cool and provides relief also.

7.Take help of a mutual friend and ask them to go together in a restaurant. Bribe the waiter and play a trick by making the ex responsible for lost money. Even ask the waiter to take wrong orders and then create a scene in the restaurant.

So, use these revenge ideas and take your revenge on ex. Be careful while taking revenge as the revenge can be taken back on you also.

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